Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Right To Bare Your Arms--Iraqi Constitution Pt. 5

Unlike our American Constitution, the Iraqi constitution, hailed as a "progress towards peace," has no right to bear arms--although they may bare their arms by wearing short-sleeve shirts. They have no explicit right to own a gun or create militias:
"Article 9: (b) Forming military militias outside the framework of the armed forces is banned. "

So, if, as was gleefully reported by "Mike" the Army sharpshooter on the Laura Ingrahm show today, the only point of creating an Iraqi "democracy" is to "give freedom of choice"--even if it means they "vote for a monarchy"--then the right to bear arms is no longer relevant.

We are right back to making Democracy a god.

The Protestant belief of old--from the Reformers to the Puritans--founded our nation on the natural and Biblical right of self-defense--even if that meant self-defense from our own government. Such a doctrine is absent in Iraq.

That is scary. They could collapse back into a tyranny without any means to protect themselves.

But what is more scary is their lack of a Gospel culture: they have no theological or ideological underpinning to stand-up against tyrants.
Let's face it, they're voting in Socialism--if not outright Communism--so they are already under a form of tyranny.

Pray for them--and pray for us.

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