Monday, October 17, 2005

Socialism As "Progress Toward Peace"--Iraqi Constitution Pt. 1

American conservatives do not believe that work is a guaranteed right, or that health care should be administered and supported by the State. Nor do they believe that the State exists to guarantee equal opportunity, hand out free education or support the basic societal institutions such as the family. They do not endorse Socialism in any of its forms.

Or do they?

The Iraqi constitution (which, interestingly, is not easy to find anywhere on the 'net, let alone talked about in any major news source) is not a document in the spirit of '76. It is more like the red ghost of 1917.

So, when president Bush hails this new step of adopting the constitution, he's really endorsing what this blog title shouts: "Socialistic Constitution As 'Progress Toward Peace'"--a partial quote of Bush himself.

Yes, this sounds wild. But, if you've ever read my posts, I try to avoid shocking statements for the sake of excitment. I'm dead serious. Read the constitution here (BBC).

Or here (voanews).

Here (american chronicle).

Even at USA Today.

All of them from the AP wire service. (Dated August 24 to October 12)

Here's a sneak peek: Article 34 states:

"free education is a right for all Iraqis in all its stages"
--even private education.

That's just a taste of what is to come.

Patience, I'll summarize the salient points.
Stay tuned, comrade.


Anonymous said...

HI,Thanks for posting this. This information was printed in one of the weekly news magazines fairly recently. I read it.

The magazine gave a three column per page contrast of our constitution, the Russian constitution and the proposed Iraq constitution.
A concerned American made copies this and made it available to those of his acquaintance who were interested.

It appears that as a nation (common people) we are confused over what is light and what is darkness, in that we substitute what we believe is true for error and vice-versa.

polymathis said...

Yes, you are correct; so, in my next post in a PS I credit my friend (he knows who he is!) with giving me this article.