Monday, October 03, 2005

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

Just this night, I was watching channel 4 here in Colorado. The news report interviewed the local butcher-shop--the misnamed Planned Parenthood--which complained that the new judicial nominee, Miers, was against abortion while president of the ABA association in Texas.

Yet earlier the newsreport from noted that Miers "proposed a referendum that would have allowed the American Bar Association's (ABA) rank and file members to decide whether the organization should take a position on abortion rights." (See also Foxnews)

So, who's telling the truth? It is not necessarily true that since Miers' pushed for such a proposal that she was against abortion--it could be that she believes that such important issues should not bypass the members.

But the interview with channel four stated otherwise. This means either:
1) The abortion representative lied;
2) Channel four lied by virtue of editing the interview;
3) CNS News is lying.

Whether this is lying intentionally or through sloppy research is another question.

But it is sure that many Americans will miss this "discrepancy".
Too bad that liars don't have spontaneous combustion in their clothing.
It would make it easier to spot them.


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