Friday, October 21, 2005

Is Democracy Our God?--Iraqi Constitution Pt. 3

Vox Populi—the voice of the people.
Democracy—the vote of the people.
Egalitarianism—the equality of the people.
Equal opportunity—the potential of the people.

I see a pattern: the people are the cornerstone to modern politics.
God is out of the picture.

That is why the president (and other neo-cons) stress their desire to “spread democracy” around the world—kinda like spreading a gospel.

Rushdoony’s excellent book, This Independent Republic, summarizes this modern political approach:

“science is methodology [not meaning]. Hence, again, the establishment of democracy is seen as the cure-all for all cultures, since methodology will remake man. Democracy is thus applied to Asiatic, African, and Latin American states without any regard for their historical and cultural conditions, because it is assumed that the form or method is the creator of valid objectives…” (128)

More precisely, America wishes to mold the world—via neocon and liberal politick—into a “safer” place for all. This is a violation of Biblical sphere sovereignty:

Interventionism is a pretension to deity, a claim to powers of mediation and to divine government, and hence is inadmissible [to a Christian worldview]”

And it is not the Biblical Gospel.
Why? Because the Biblical Gospel is not compatible with depraved people. The Biblical Gospel is not of this world (political) but from above (God). They first need regeneration before they can even begin to vote on principle.

But this will not stop our nation from promoting such falsehoods as:

“The law is sovereign. The people are the source of authorities and its legitimacy…” (Article 5 of the Iraqi Constitution).

Article 16: “Equal opportunities are guaranteed for all Iraqis. The state guarantees the taking of the necessary measures to achieve such equal opportunities.”

No, dear reader, the law (whatever that may be defined as) is not sovereign—only God is sovereign!
No, fellow Americans, the people are not the arbiters of authority or legitimacy—only God and His Law are our authority and legitimacy.

That is why the Apostles said: “we ought to obey God rather than man”!
Voting is proper, in its place. But they never determine good and evil. Laws, in submission to God’s Law, are proper. But they never trump God.

In the multicultural context of Iraq, and specifically its Islamic roots, it is hard to determine what exactly its constitution means. In contrast, the American constitution has a clearly defined past that helps interpret its meaning. America (theoretically) is a Republic and not a (direct) Democracy.

So, any given statement (such as the Iraqis have “liberties”) can be just as binding as the Old Soviet constitution—which, incidentally, “secured” the rights of religion and the press.
No really—click here .

The Iraqi charter limits many of these freedoms “according to law” but never defines that law.

Well, that does not seem to matter to our leaders since Iraq will have a “democracy”—an opportunity to vote. That’s what matters.

Democracy is the savior of the world; the people must vote!

Then again, the Old Soviets were allowed to vote as well…
Until next time, comrade…


Anonymous said...

so you're against democracy are you?

shows something about you and the other christian fundamentalists!

someone who really believes in freedom said...

"the people are the cornerstone to modern society" - yes, so they should be. the system is known as democracy, the system you seem to oppose.

"only God and His Law are our authority and legitimacy"
- so why isn't America a theocracy (maybe that's what you want)

Then again, the Iranians are allowed to vote as well.
Until next time, member of the Evangelical Ummah...