Monday, October 10, 2005

Doubting Dobson?

In the middle of last week, Dobson expressed concerns on the new nomination, Miers. He has some doubts.
After digging into some
interviews, I have some doubts about Dobson. He states:
"You know what? I do," Dobson said, affirming her response. "I don't believe that homosexuals should be denied a job."

I don't agree with this. And the Constitution does not agree with this. The doctrine of freedom of association coupled with private rights implies that an owner of a company can hire anyone he choses. If he only wants to hire Christians and not homosexuals, so be it.

The Christian does not live in a mechanistic universe in which all he has to do is hire workers who can do the job. Rather, he lives in a moral universe in which he is accountable to God. And in such a universe, hiring men in such a state of depravity is risky at best.

Dobson has helped many Christians over the years. That cannot be denied. However, believing that homosexuals have a right to any job is not a help to the Christian cause.

Doubting Dobson in this instance is a good thing.


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