Thursday, January 01, 2004

Year of Calvinism

The upcoming series on Calvin will mostly focus on the theology of Calvinism. God used Calvin, but he also used many other godly men who helped deepen the Church’s understanding of the Law and the Gospel. From the Puritans to the Princeton men, Calvinism, or Reformed theology, greatly dominated the early modern period, especially in Western Europe. It began to eclipse in the early 1800s. By then, the fruits of the Reformed faith greatly influenced Europe and England in particular. Socially, politically and economically America was the greatest fruit of Calvinism.

The who, what, when and why of Calvin & Calvinism will be explored monthly in this series. Naturally, those, such as this writer, who are zealous adherents, believe it to be the purest expression of the Gospel. It is with such zeal of triumph, hope and faith in a gracious and sovereign Lord that this series is dedicated to another Great Awakening, a Second Reformation.

Besides various secondary articles, these are the six feature articles for this year:

1. Calvin’s Life and Work
2. Calvinism: The Worldview
3. Calvinism: The Antithesis
4. Calvinism: Consequences I
5. Calvinism: Consequences II
6. Calvinism and the Future

Also: Famous American Calvinists

The Calvin Quincentenary is being celebrated in Paris, Strasbourg, Bern and Geneva.

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