Monday, March 22, 2010

Hysterical Health Care

The recent vote in the House on health care is already being christened "historical".

What the media and others miss is that this event should be dubbed "hysterical".  And I do not mean funny ha-ha.

I mean that socialized health care is being pushed through by a hysteria--an almost uncontrollable outburst of the fear of death.

Romans chapter one should remind Christians that such flagrant disregard for God's Law is at root a spiritual problem.  All men and women know that God is their Creator and especially their Judge. And that they are sinners themselves, making excuses for their transgressions.

And unbelievers do more than make excuses, they sometimes create entire fairytales to flee the reality of the coming judgment. In verse twenty-one and following Paul declares that men know God but reject that knowledge by worshiping the creation rather than the Creator.

This worship of false gods is an approach to life that that seeks physical and spiritual health from anyone and anything other than God and His way.

And communism, socialism and other -isms that Americans flirt with are religions disguised as philosophies, but false religions nonetheless. And these modern false economic and political religions promise a healthy world and a healthy life.

And why promise a healthy life? So that they can avoid judgment now and in the life hereafter.

For many today's health care issue reflects a fundamental problem. It is a problem of historical proportion, all right, but also a problem of hysteria--of an outburst of fear and loathing, reflecting a nation's desire to save their physical health even as they lose their souls.

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