Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reforming Everything But

The Reformation of Luther and Calvin began in a culture brimming with social reformers. They wanted a less corrupt church, stronger families and upright governments. Church leaders (laymen and priest alike) did want reformation, with a small 'r': fix the politics (kickbacks) or fix the culture (families). Professor Chadwick summarized it thusly:

"When churchmen spoke of reformation, they were almost always thinking of administrative, legal, or moral reformation; hardly ever of doctrinal reformation. They did not suppose the Pope's doctrine to be erroneous." (The Reformation, 13)

If history is a guide, I fear that we are coming full circle: too many wish to fix society, politics, families and even churches without fixing what people believe. I fear that too many American Christians do not suppose their own doctrine to be erroneous.

They want to reform everything...but their own doctrines.

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