Monday, January 05, 2004

Second Reformation

There is much talk about reforming the church. Rick Warren of A Purpose Driven Life asserted that a Second Reformation was upon us: “It is not going to be about what does the church believe, but about what is the church doing.” Similarly, homeschooling has been lauded as a “veritable reformation of life." Calls for a reformation continue to clamor for our attention. And they all have one thing in common: they are misguided.

They stress doing instead of knowing, works instead of belief.

Yet in the context of massive and extensive Biblical ignorance, should deeds be stressed at the expense of creeds? 57% of polled “evangelicals” (homeschooled or not) believe there are other ways to heaven. Three to nine percent of Christians, according to ten years of Barna polling, have a Christian worldview!

Creeds and deeds must both exist, but every Reformation, from the OT to the 1500s and the Great Awakenings of early America all began with a return to truth. True beliefs are the foundations for true actions. Actions with false beliefs are no different than Jews offering technically-correct sacrifices to Moloch—or unbelieving Americans helping the poor in the name of their own version of the Mormon religion.

This periodic column will present a clarion call back to the principles and practices of yesteryear. Now is the time for repentance; now is the time for fasting; now is the time to pray for God’s mighty Spirit to bring us to our knees.

Here are articles promoting such a Reformation. Pray the Lord of the Harvest to gather a Second Reformation.

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