Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What Up Wit' Dat?

If we can shred the English language, if we can ignore basic logic, if we can feel good about theology (whatever its truth), if we can entertain people into heaven, if we can ignore God's commandments, if we can meet people's felt needs......................

Then why not drop little annoyances in the church?

Like that stumbling block,


We don't need baptism for church membership, right?

Then, in good ol' fashion American thinking, we should put it up for a vote!

Baptism as Requirment for Membership Set for Vote !!!

Now, what up wit' dat?


Moses said...

Is democracy a good thing? Or was it "the people" who yelled "crucify him" and thus the majority vote put an innocent man put to death. Where does the church stand on democracy?

polymathis said...

Here's my view of democracy:

Six part series on Iraqi constitution back in October.

And Bush's naive comments on democracy: