Sunday, July 30, 2006

Picking on My Friends

I recently preached on church unity and how we should consider the church of God our family and we as parts of that Body supplying each other's needs (Eph. 4:16). And although blood may be thicker than water, faith is thicker than blood.

As a family, of course, we have immediate relations and remote relations. I used an illustration of a friend from Boise (he knows who he is). He was a friend of a friend, but the fact that we are in the same national church (denomination) makes him a relative---kinda like a cousin. But with more commonality than I would have with any cousin in my family!

I used his name in the sermon, referencing his unique facial arrangment (you can see him in the latest New Horizon). I hope he doesn't mind. I even put in a good name for him.

I like to pick on my friends because they can handle it. And Hobart has large shoulders.



H. C. said...

so when can this be downloaded?

polymathis said...

wouldn't you like to know!
(as soon as I get the MP3--forgot to get it last night)