Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Mathis Manor 1

God is a bountiful God. He owns a thousand cattle on a thousand hills.
Indeed, He owns the entire universe.

And out of that abundance, He has graced us with a new house. He sold our old one in 21 days (unheard of in this market); He gave us a temporary rental (an entire house that is on the market anyway for cheaper than a hotel!).

The next set of postings are for my curious family (on both sides) to see what the house looks like. Of course, everyone can sneak a peek! Naturally, we have oodles of pixs. Here are a few:


Above is the house.
Below is the view looking out from the front.

No, those are not clouds behind the truck, nor are they little hills--them there be the Rocky Mountains!!

We have this wonderful view without a premium (around the corner of that house are the houses with a $big$ premiums for location).

But only slightly less better than the view and location is the view and location of my--Lord willing--study!

When sitting down I can see God's great mountains (and any storms approaching!).

I also get my own fancy door for the office:

This is not a double door but a small set of windows. The front entrance is to the left; a u-turn reveals a closet and a 3/4 bath. Going right brings one into the kitchen/dining/living room areas and basement access.

Sorry, no pixs--that'll be the next posting!


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