Monday, July 03, 2006

Craig's List is Da Bomb!

I recently discovered the Craig's List.

It is quite amazing for those of you not in the know. For all practical purposes it is a virtual garage sale--for free! Most of the items on the list are free and you can advertise on it for free.

Being a frugal Scot-Dutch Presbyterian family at heart, we could not pass this up. Through it we sold in two days:
a night stand
a small desk
a weight set
a lawn mower (with a bent blade!)

We were down to the last three items today, hoping to chuck them out of the house before we moved this week--the less stuff to move the better of course. Naturally, being a free service people call at the drop of a hat, inquiring about said items. And just as naturally, they do not show up to retrieve the items. Thus, we were stuck with our last three items: metal shelves, skies and the dreaded 7-foot, 70s orange couch (with a floral cover protecting our artistic sensitivities)--the couch that was on the list for four days.

Over these four days we had over 10 messages on our phone. But none were for that couch. One man did call for the couch...and the weight set. Since the set was sold, he was not interested in the couch. Sigh.

This night, however, a quite soul called our house enquiring about, you guessed it, the couch. He wanted it and was willing to pay for it. Having received this beloved couch almost ten years ago for free, we could only give it away in the same manner. The man showed up a few hours later with two other friends. They must have been roomies. Frat boys.

They took that couch most readily. I suggested they take our shelves.
They readily took them as well. Then my wife mentioned her skies.
Guess what. They took 'em too!

God is good! God is great! I thank God for the Craig's List.

It's da bomb.

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