Saturday, May 07, 2011

Family Integrated Church Dialogue

According to some proponents of family integrated churches, there has been little dialogue and much confusion. Well, in one corner of cyberspace, there is an intelligent interchange between a critic and a defender, here.

It is between the author of the article and a part-time worker and one-time intern at NCFIC and current member of a church plant under Mr. Brown's oversight (he also brought the article to Mr. Brown's attention).

Of note is the fact that the young defender carefully read the article and concluded: "So, in answer to your question, overall, the description was accurate and I greatly appreciate all the references. Some have slammed us and not even attempted to prove that it was so."

There are almost 80 comments overall, but another article, Lord willing, will be published summarizing the salient issues thus far.

May the Lord bring better clarity to those involved in this discussion.

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