Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lessons from Katrina: Five Years Later (3 of 3)

Man is Evil: Lessons from Katrina

Homosexuals throw a street party while thousands suffer.

Corrupt politicians ignored the levy problems for decades. Now they promise to help those whom they destroyed.

Looting occurred almost instantly.

Rescuers were being attacked and harassed.

There are one million and one examples of the wickedness of man. The refuges are angry, bitter and irate. As they lash out at the local, state and federal governments, they rage not against man but against God. God is in control. And the government is not God. No matter how prepared they could have been God’s will would have been accomplished.

Seeing the awesome might of Almighty God brush the Gulf Coast away as a sun eradicates a moth, they acknowledge Him not but flee to man for refuge. Such an event is to show God’s wrath and man’s sinfulness. It has done both. But the church also has a job to proclaim these truths. Instead, as the American churches are wont, they send monetary help without Gospel help. They shy from uttering dark pronouncements lest they appear “negative”. They shirk their prophetic responsibility being uncomfortable with the prophets of old:"The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?” (Jer. 17:9).

According to the buoyant proclamations of the likes of Sean Hannity (a Roman Catholic), these devastations were to bring the “best out of the American people.” But if one examines a little closer with the eyeglasses of the Bible, one rather finds the manifestations of evil: men and women shaking their fists at God while helping their fellows rebuild their engines of destruction against the Kingdom of God.

If the churches in America would be true to their calling, then as servants of God they must, “in humility [correct] those who are in opposition, if God perhaps will grant them repentance, so that they may know the truth, and that they may come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his will (2 Tim. 2:24ff.).

They will not feel sorrow over their rebellion if they believe there is nothing wrong.

They will not cling to Christ if they believe themselves good.

There are one million and one reasons why men should repent.
The obvious and easiest reason is the first one: man is evil.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Lessons from Katrina: Five Years Later (2 of 3)

The Government Is God?--Lessons From Katrina

Sometimes how people react to problems shows who or what their God is. When trouble comes, where do people go for help? Help not only for psychological and spiritual issues but also physical help.

So, where did thousands turn when Katrina hit? Did they take their saving and fly out of the city? Did they hitch a ride with friends and family? Did they stock up on food and water to sustain themselves for days?

The answer is obvious: when trouble came, many people turned to the government for help. They turned to governmental monies as their savior.

But the help did not come in time. That is why they are angry and frustrated: their god did not come through for them.

From another angle one can find out who or what god is followed by the amount of responsibility given. In God’s Word, He has separated the authorities of life into three main spheres: family, church and state. Whenever one institution usurps or expands its authority, it is claiming autonomy instead of submission to God. It’s just like Adam who desired to follow his own ways instead of God’s Law.

It is interesting to note that an ABC news report with Dan Harris (reporting, 9-6-05) stated that the city had a plan, but implemented it too late (it specified offering free transportation out of the area, but people were sent to the Dome instead); at the state level the governor is supposed to specifically ask for help from the Feds—but she did not. And of course, FEMA had its problems. The mayor blames, the State and Feds; the governor blames the Feds and the Feds will gladly take more responsibility from these institutions! The president did take responsibility; the mayor and the governor have not. And of course many people took little to no responsibility about their welfare.

(As of this date, more fraud in FEMA has been discovered as well: "through February 2006, FEMA made about $1 billion in improper and potentially fraudulent payments." Well, every god has his tithe...)

Now, billions will be poured into an area where insurance companies do not cover floods and hurricanes (why would they—they’d go broke!) and people will become more dependent upon the government.

In America, for many people the Government is god. So, the next time a large-scale devastation occurs, the Feds will sure to be there, comforting their flock.And taking more responsibility.

The churches must be faithful & warn people about this danger. Let's pray that many will learn, repent and turn to Chricst. The Lord He is God and not the government.

Friday Funnies: The Breakfast of Champions

From the makers of Arminian Flakes...

Lessons from Katrina: Five Years Later (1 of 3)

Blame it on God: Lessons from Katrina

In the five year anniversary of Katrina, the great gurus and thinkers of America rattle off many and sundry lessons learned from that terrible time. Movies and documentaries (I use the word loosly) are being shown as well. blaming the government, the infrastructure or that long-standing incipient evil in the hearts of everyone else but the accuser: racism. I suppose, knowing Americans, that some church somewhere is also preaching on this topic. I republisih this three part-series in the hope that others will find the real reason for this disaster.

Thousands are presumed dead in the Gulf Coast area.
Hundreds of thousands are stranded in New Orleans.

Millions, if not billions, of damage wrought in one storm.

And people are asking, “Where is God?”

Anger bubbles from deep within the souls of thousands of angry people: “What kind of God allows this!”
They are blaming God for the disaster.

And they should. He did it. He controls all things in creation.

But why?

Some talk show hosts try to calm people down by reversing the question: “Why has God blessed America all these years?” Or they wish not to speculate at all, glibly replying, “We need to help one another and bring the best out of the American people.”

However, Christians know that all things work for their good and for God’s glory (Rom. 8:32; Rom. 11:36). Furthermore, we know that since there are no longer prophets today, we must be careful in our evaluations.

But this is not all: Christ informs us of at least one reason why bad things happen:“Or those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them, do you think that they were worse sinners than all other men who dwelt in Jerusalem? "I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish." (Luke 13:4, 5).

When such disaster strikes—contrary to some misguided caller to the Medved show—its not because New Orleans was more wicked than San Francisco; one reason for disasters is to bring a wake up call to mankind: the world is full of sin and sinners; we no longer live in paradise.

Americans like to think that God is far away and irrelevant in life. Any prosperity gained is credited to ourselves; any advancements in life is honored to lady luck. Yet when things go bad and calamity knocks on our door—suddenly, it’s God’s fault.

In reality, as Jesus points out, everyone sins—all rebel and hate God, seeking their own desires and following their own lusts (Roms. 1:24ff.). The tower did not fall on some because they were more sinful—it fell because they were sinful. Period.

This is a wake up call. Americans better repent or they will perish.

And they’ll have no one to blame but themselves.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Denver school ignores human nature

Bruce Randolph School in Denver now offers birth control. The school based clinic (serving grades six to twelve) will offer basic contraceptives including "emergency contraceptives"--many of which may be aborticides...(continue here).

Friday, August 20, 2010

Google and "Net Neutrality"

Wired magazine has a summary of the past and present reversals of Google and wirless internet access that can severely impact you. Read it here.

Another organization gives a summary of the issue here:

"As many others have noted, the exclusion of wireless from all but the transparency requirements is a dreadful idea. Neutrality should be the rule for all services, and a distinction between wired and wireless not only defies reason, it also abandons the portion of the Internet that is currently most lacking in openness and neutrality. Users are increasingly demanding the ability to do many, if not all, of the same things in a wireless environment as they do in a wired one. Regardless of what regulation may look like or whether there is any regulation at all, there shouldn’t be a distinction between the neutrality available on wired services and that available on wireless services."

Lastly, a more objective summary of this proposal here:

"So that's the plan -- it's actually more or less the status quo in many ways, if you think about it. But the thing about the status quo is that it's not enshrined as formal policy -- adopting this plan would officially mean that wireless networks aren't subject to net neutrality, and that the FCC would have very little power to change that over time. That's a huge compromise, and it's obviously not one the FCC's taking quietly: in a statement today, an agency commissioner said that the proposal had "many problems," and that it was time to "reassert FCC authority over broadband telecommunications, to guarantee an open Internet now and forever." Sounds to us like the real fight's just about to get started -- and keep in mind, we haven't heard anything substantive from other major players like Comcast, AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile yet. Buckle up -- it's gonna get nerdy."

Summary of "net neutrality" here.

Friday Funnies: 666 Flags Over Texas

New amusement park...

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Clark Pinnock--An Influential Force in Evangelicalism

If you don't know Clark Pinnock--that's OK. Most people do not.

And yet, he was an influential character in Evangelicalism. But was he a force for good?

Read this and you decide.

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Method of Prayer by Matthew Henry

Do you want daily emails from Henry's Method of Prayer.

I thought so. Go here.

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Johannes Weslianus: Brakel's Advice on Evangelism

Johannes Weslianus: Brakel's Advice on Evangelism:
"1. 'If you are not capable of speaking to certain individuals, and about such matters, speak to others. Begin with beggars and children, ..."

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In Defense of Life in Colorado

Colorado Amendment 62 is coming this fall. It is an attempt to properly define personhood to include the life of the unborn. The amendment is...

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