Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Me

Five years ago I started Aspiring PolyMathis.

And by God's grace I'll be writing another five years from now.

Now that more people are finding out about me, let me recap some highlights over the years.

I like research. It is an invigorating mental exercise that could turn up all kinds of earth-shattering truth. Two in particular come to mind:

Back in the fall of 2005, I stumbled upon some assertions about the new Iraqi constitution--that it was socialistic. My research found out more than the American people bargained for in Red October.

Later, with the coming of the new political messiah, I explained the Gospel According to Obama

Last year I started a new blog with a bang.  My Christian Nurture blog galloped out the door with hard evidence that the claims of homeschooling superiority (historically, academically and morally) were built on shifting sands. And, yes, I do homeschool.

Historically, homeschooling cannot be assumed to be the given educational method as my Very Short History of Christian Education demonstrates. There have been no conclusive academic studies as I discovered in a Story about Scholarship. Its moral superiority was questioned with my analysis of Malachi 4:6 and the Revival of Homeschooling.

So, the future of homeschooling my not look as bright as some think.

I like history. And as I explored it more, I discovered wonderful things like the number of black Calvinists we can celebrate for Black History month (here). I also discovered more of the Calvinist roots of early America, a truth inconvenient for many Evangelicals today.

The influence of Reformed thought in America was expanded into a six-part series, October Revolution (redone at

Naturally, as a pastor I like theology. And I like to apply the truth of God's word to contemporary life, like the fact Dr. Seuss was a Calvinist.  There are lessons to be learned from hurricane Katrina (here).  And there is a Gospel of Action Figures to be contended with.

There are other interesting and funny things as well. How about the effect of cows upon global warming? Or give a Calvinist some gifts.

Either way, I hope these articles are thought-provoking and edifying.

For the glory of God alone.


Eddie Eddings said...

Happy Anniversary brother! You have labored for quite a while. I love your "Logical Fallacies" listed on the sidebar. Keep up the God work for His glory!

Eddie Eddings said...

...and thanks for posting some of my cartoons on your blog! Use as many as you would like!

polymathis said...

Thank you Eddie..and keep up your wry humor. It's needed to loosen up the humorless Calvinists!