Friday, April 23, 2010

FV Friday: FV Attack Dogs

"My post "Conversation with an FV Minister" must have struck a chord because TE Lawrence's Session has attempted to bring me up on charges for it. I've written on the Federal Vision for a couple of months now, and I've actually been surprised that I've gotten so little response from Federal Visionists. Then, I publish supporting quotes for my conversation with an FV minister, and, all of a sudden, I have a bunch of Wilson's attack dogs yapping at my feet. I must have struck a chord.

"Here's why I think I struck a chord. I make the FV sound Roman Catholic. I think there's one reason why I'm able to do that. It's because the FV sounds Roman Catholic. It is a sacramentalist system very akin to that of Rome. That's why quite a few Federal Visionists have ended up in Rome or an Anglo-Catholic Church. Taylor Marshall, a Roman Catholic, has admitted the affinity between FV and Rome. I have also demonstrated the affinities here. I have heard story after story of those who have gone from FV to Episcopal/Anglican to Rome."
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Puritan Lad said...

Good Stuff. I came across your blog via Christian Skepticism on Facebook.

Federal Vision is clearly a works based theology, teachs salvation by ecclessiology, has no clue as to the nature of adoption, and gives to Christ an offering of filthy rags.

If you are OPC, then I don't think you have anything to fear about being brought up on charges by FVers.

polymathis said...

Greetings Puritan Lad,

I visit that site at times for my articles as Christian Apologist.

I notice that you have a Christian History blog. If your still running it you have permission to use the various articles I have in that vein (Black History month series, Fourth of July, etc.). Just look around.

have a blessed Sabbath,

PS. I'm OPC :-)

Matthew W. Kingsbury said...


I suggest you more clearly indicate when you're citing another blog. Until I clicked the link, I thought you were being brought up on charges.

grace & peace,