Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama, Soros, & Offshore drilling in Brazil

I opened my email this morning to yet another pass-around-the-internet-article about the nefarious scheming of the Democrats.  For some reason, I thought I'd check into this particular email to verify its claims of Obama wanting to give money to a Brazilian oil-company for off-shore drilling (!).  Said company was also connected to Soros.

I took a quick google of the email title and found a Wall Street Article covering part of it, here. (August, 2009 article).

I noticed that five hits below was a blog (reputable conservative, mostly) with a link to Bloomberg with the Soro connection, here.

Although not a surprise for some (nor as earth-shattering as my research into the Iraqi war), with two internationally known news-sources publishing something this big, I knew I had some sembelenace of truth to rely on.

Now, the churches need to keep praying and preaching the Truth.  The Spirit is the only means to change such corruption (of the leaders and people) to repentance and faith in Christ

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