Monday, January 25, 2010

"I Thought I Was in the OPC!"

"In the past when TE Wes White and I have brought a report and asked for a judicial investigation, there were howls of protest ascending to the heavens....One presbyter said "I thought I woke up in the OPC!"

I suppose as an OPC minister I should take that exclamation as an insult, but I'm inclined to think of it as a backhanded compliment.

But the point of this posting is to bring some regional Presbyterian news form a sister denomination. In this case, a friend of mine, Brian, writes about some public events that we ought to be aware of.  Naturally, if someone has an alternate view of objective and public facts they are more than welcome to write about it.

Having none before me, I will give a taste of this public eye-witness account:

"Since we spent a lot of time in executive session, there are lots of things I can't tell you. That's okay, because I want to tell you about what I didn't hear when my case was discussed."

"...Now, I am not in the least perturbed by all of this. I know that some of my supporters refrained from defending me or speaking against the proceedings because I told them that I didn't care if I was investigated. I think judicial investigations are fine and good. I am not threatened by them in the least. I didn't do anything wrong. I did some things that some don't like. I did some things that some don't think are right, but they are mistaken. My conscience is clear. And if a fair and competent investigation can convince me that I did do something wrong, I will repent."

[Now here is a man and an attitude worthy of respect!]

(More here).
(For the broader events, here)

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Rev. Brian Carpenter said...

Greetings from the Black Hills Presbytery of the OPC!!!!

Of course, we morph into regular Siouxlands PCA presbyters when we leave the area, kind of like how werewolves turn back into regular people when the sun comes up.