Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I am the Denver Christian Apologist

A go-get-'em church member recommended me to a national news source,

She suggested I write as the Denver Christian Apologist since I have had experience discussing the faith with all types of college students down at the campus. Having bible studies during the college semester hours has certainly helped.

So, I signed up. And they signed me on. I even have my own page.

How many Calvinists do you know who write for a national news source what they want to write?

Even so, just because I am from Denver it does not follow that my articles are not germane to Christians elsewhere. So, here are some articles you may find useful, interesting or thought-provoking:

Why I Must Believe in God

Falsifying Scientific Presumption

Basic Questions about Apologetics Answered

The Connection between Atheism & Communism

God: The Failed Hypothesis, A Review

Halloween Versus the Reformation


Kevin said...

Man, I will be forever in your shadow. :)

polymathis said...

But I'm only 6'2"... :O

James Mill said...

Way to go bro. Faith for ALL of life - hit it!