Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Balmy 4 Degress Outside...

NOAA reports 4 degree outside.
My thermometer reports 5 degrees (its hiding high up behind a post).

Either way its COLD.

Although not necessarily way below seasonal average, it has been colder than the last few years here in Colorado.

And the vast majority of us are blessed by God with a roof over our head and heat at our feet.

Even so, I got out to stretch my legs and check the mail...about a block away (those terrible 'community' mailboxes...). It is cold.

But we don't have humidity like the hometown of my wife, Kansas City.
Now there's a cold place!


Kevin said...

My wife and I were both born in KC. You're right, their winters are brutal.

polymathis said...

Well, actually my wife was born in Olathe, SW of KC. Still cold tho'...