Saturday, November 07, 2009

Homeschooling, Statistics & Hype

Homeschooling is the up and coming trend in America. And because of that it is easy to take any sort of good news and run with it.

In many people's personal experience (even mine) much good has arisen from within the homeschooling movement: parental responsibility, familial bonding and love for children. But is this true because of homeschooling or because of motivated parents? Or other factors?

The answer depends on one's viewpoint concerning the larger question of what constitutes biblical education. Even with statistics readily at hand, their interpretation depends greatly upon pre-conceived notions (well-defended or not). However, it does not help to use statistics that do not state what people think they do.

Hopefully, dear reader, you will agree:

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3. The Future of Homeschooling

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crisismaven said...

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