Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Birther Movement's Misunderstanding

Whether the "Birthers" are correct or not about President Obama's legal status, they are missing a fundamental point:

Being born on American soil will not protect the conservative cause

Why? Because the vast majority of American institutions--especially the schools and churches--are of a different mindset than our Founding fathers. When they demanded that our leaders be native-born it was on the assumption that those nurtured in the culture of America would be the best Americans.

That is no longer the case. Our worse political leaders were home-grown.

See, the Founders depended on the family, schools and churches to retain the basic Christian heritage that would produce the next generation. Well, conservatives, look around you...are we retaining these values?

Being mad at the president will not solve this dilemma. The conservatism of the past--for whatever reason--became lax and indifferent to important matters in life--and I'm not writing about politics!

The religion of Christ was thrown out the window when the liberals took over the churches 100 years ago. Spiritual discernment went awry and darkness fell upon the churches.

Once this truth hits home, perhaps there will yet be hope that our children will give birth to true leaders imbibed upon the Redeemer's truths.

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