Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Bubble Will Burst

In conservative circles there has been much talk about the economic bubble--that artificially inflated economy of debt. And the leadership in Washington is making it worse by not telling the whole truth about the dangers of excessive debt-spending.

When the economy goes too far with hype and lies it will burst, leaving hundreds of thousands of people in economic ruin.

Just like in the churches.

For decades, the American religion has been prosperity and too many churches have jumped on that bandwagon. And it is not just economic prosperity that is taught. Many churches and social leaders teach different types of prosperity: personal charm, social status, familial superiority and spiritual perfection.

This artificially inflated bubble of super-spirituality--the hype and lies--will burst, leaving hundreds of thousands of Christians in spiritual ruin.

May good churches with good doctrine and practice, be there to pick up the pieces.

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