Sunday, March 15, 2009

The New Old Calvinists

Welcome to the new black sheep.

Youth (and old people who like to act young) seem always to want to be different, to be on the cutting edge of change.

This is different and it's even cutting edge: Calvinism.

Time magazine's latest series is astute and mostly accurate (except for using two charismatics). It's main article is: 10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now. And Calvinism is one of them, sticking out as a sore thumb from the other economical and ecological items.

Pass this one on. Use it as an opportunity to talk about the Gospel and the worldview that changed Western Civilization.

And pray the Lord to move "during these hard times, more Christians searching for security [to] submit their wills to the austerely demanding God of their country's infancy. "


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