Friday, December 12, 2008

I Wonder...

Michael Malone's excellent piece at ABC caught my attention. He pointed out the blatant media bias in favor of Obama, especially when they went after Joe the Plumber. He asked hard questions and was torn apart. I wonder what would happen if conservative Christian leaders in America had to answer hard-ball questions from the likes of Joe?

"What are you talking about!?" you wonder aloud over your Christianity Today magazine.

Perhaps Joe's cousin, Ralph the Reformer, would ask the hard-ball questions. Something like this:

1. Why do Evangelicals call themselves "Protestant" when they do not believe what Luther and Calvin believed on many significant issues?
2. "Oh, what did they believe," you ask? Man has no 'free-will'; God is sovereign in whom he chooses for salvation--just to name a few.
3. Why do Evangelical leaders avoid hard passages such as Romans 9 about God's sovereign election? or Ps. 58:3 that little babies speak lies from the womb?
4. Why do Evangelicals laud the early American Christians when they had a view of salvation and the law that would embarrass many Evangelicals today?
5. "Oh, what did they believe," you ask? They followed Luther and Calvin. And baptized infants. And observed the Christian Sabbath (Sunday). And used catechisms.

If the stars of conservative Christianity traveled the country like the presidential candidates, I wonder if they would take questions from throngs of excited Christians?

I wonder if Ralph the Reformer asked them some pointed questions, would they answer?
Or would they pretend he didn't exist and go to the next softball question?

I wonder.


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