Friday, November 21, 2008

Worn Out by Haggard

I'm tired of hearing about Ted Haggard.

Does that make me heartless?

It is sad that he sinned. It is a blemish on the Bride of Christ. He has repented--of sorts--without specifics, partially blaming a childhood incident, then lambasting the church--that is some cause for concern. But that is not what I tire of--Christ can repair that.

I tire of people missing the point. I tire of his false teachings.

He's a charismatic--they have direct revelation from God. The Bible then becomes second-fiddle in many decisions (I was a charismatic myself).

He is too liberal theologically--he allows that Benny Hinn (a flaming heretic) is an Evangelical: "from Benny Hinn to R.C.Sproul."

He has no theological discernment--he does not see that most Evangelicals need more Gospel teaching--even saying that he really can't find anything wrong with Evangelicals.

He also has a low view of sin or a high view of himself. An interview with Issues, Etc. in 2005:

Haggard: people don't necessarily repent every day... because people have not necessarily sinned ever day... Christians can obey the Ten Commandments...Certainly, you haven't murdered anybody today.

host: but in my heart, Jesus says if I harbor hatred or animosity in my heart, then I am a murderer--

Haggard: yeah, did you hate someone today?


Haggard:you did?

host: yes.

Haggard: then you need to stop that.

host: absolutely I do.

Haggard: Now, I haven't.

host: You've not had any animosity, ill-will in your heart today for anyone whatsoever--

Haggard: No, and I even watched Joseph Biden grilling the new Supreme Court nominee...and incredibly it was a manifestation of God's grace in my life.

host: Commandment, so far, pastor far you've kept that Commandment perfectly today.

Haggard: so far today, that particular one, yes.
(32 min.)

Rich young ruler anyone? I could go fifty different ways with this interview!
Then one year later he is outed as a pastor. Perhaps he's learning about the depths of sin.

After hearing this interview again. I am worn out. No more. Anyone asks, have them read this posting.

Prayerfully, they'll get it and more people will turn him off.

(All quotes from Issues, Etc. interview, Sept. 13, 2005, .wma audio here).

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