Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Thanksgiving

This article is more selfish than the others.

I will not write about all the obvious persons, places and things that should be brought to the bar of God’s glory. I am certainly glad for God’s showers of blessings upon this sinful nation: political peace, cultural stability and economical prosperity. We do not live in tribal-torn Africa, socialism-to-the-hilt Europe or poverty stricken South America.

I will not focus upon the wonders of technology that have made our lives easier, smoother and efficient. We have farming equipment and methods that yield so many foodstuffs that the leftovers are repackaged as competing “cheap” food at the supermarkets and the grocery stores have doubled and tripled the number, type and brand of foods.

The list could go on. God’s gifts are almost endless. I leave it to your imagination and a future assignment for your children.

For me, one of the most amazing gifts of God is a child.

The doctors told my wife and me that we would probably never have children.

And now my wife is pregnant—15 weeks pregnant! We have been childless for thirteen years and the Lord has heard our prayers—hallelujah!

Now, my thanksgiving list will include all the obvious persons, places and things and one more blessing—a covenant child. And one day, Lord willing, I will give that child a thanksgiving assignment too.



Nel said...
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polymathis said...

What makes you think I'd give homework to my child during the holiday? ;-)