Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The End of the World?

As I write this piece, the Democrats are winning. They will have their domination in American politics. And Republicans and Conservatives alike are quaking in their boots.

"What will become of America?" they ask.
"Is this the End of the World?" they bemoan.
Not in so many words but that is the sentiment.

Not quite. The Church of Christ has been through worse. Note, I did not write "America has been through worse" (a jingoistic theme found in both campaigns). It is the church that I worry more about.

America has turned her back on God generations ago. That was the end of the world for her. There were no sirens and bewailing, but it was the end nonetheless. The question is, has the Church in America turned her back on God?

The liberal mainline churches have certainly done that.
But what of the Evangelicals? Certainly they are still faithful?

Unfortunately, the Evangelical Church is forgetting basic truths. And that offends God. 57% believe Christ, the Son of God, is not the only way to heaven. 3-6% have a Christian worldview. Which means 97-94% have some sort of pagan view. Certainly God is not pleased with that.

The Evangelicals in the 80s stood up politically and said: "Enough is enough!" I am glad that they became more politically aware. It was too bad that they became correspondingly theologically unaware. They strained at a gnat while swallowing whole heresies and false worship practices. That was the End of the World for the weak Evangelical Church. And the nail in the coffin for America.

Unless lackadaisical Christians repent of this ignorance there is no human hope. Yet, dear reader, this election is not the End of the World. It is a time to reflect upon our political lives and realize that the spiritual is more important. If the church fails in America what hope does America have? But God has promised that His church will withstand the End of the World—the very Gates of Hell.



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