Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Money Can't Fix This Problem

I woke up this morning to NPR.
They were talking about the ongoing market roller coaster.

And the question was raised, "Does the government have a fix on this problem? Do the numbers add up? Will enough money fix this problem?"

And that is the question: will enough money fix this problem?
But what is the problem?

Ex-president Bill Clinton told the Today Show last week that the problem would have been fixed if the Democrats were not in the way of his plan.

Rush Limbaugh and others have pointed out the history of government bullying: the insistence that unqualified borrowers be able to receive loans--that high-risk people get loans on houses they can't pay off.

But the problem is more fundamental. It is spiritual: greed.
Too many companies willing to give money (for more money of course) to those who are risky. And too many people willing to go into needless debt for the desire of the moment. Americans mostly don't tithe, they spend their childrens' money and save enough for their next cup of latte.

The politicians won't tell the people: they blame the businesses or the lack of government oversight. And the people are only too willing to believe them.

Now the government is telling us that a 700 billion dollars will make this problem go away. The American people believe that too. But someone has to begin to tell the people the truth. The truth that money can't fix this problem.

Only repentance from greed and fleeing to Christ can begin to fix this problem.


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sarah m. said...

How very true. And how very sad. Speaking of tithing: I was amazed to read a story about a financial counselor that actually advised a heavily indebted couple to set aside 10% monthly for charity.
D'you know both presidential candidates agree with you? At least on the greed. Fleeing to Christ? Not so much. Barack Obama wants to ensure not a penny of that 700 billion goes to Fortune 500 CEOs. John McCain wants to get rid of greed & corruption. And oh by the way, stacking on 300 billion more taxpayer dollars will help accomplish that. Ridiculous really. You can't always fight fire with fire, or in this case, greenbacks (or lack thereof) with green-colored pieces of paper.