Thursday, September 04, 2008

McCain Revival

"ST. PAUL –- John McCain and Sarah Palin’s election “would be a return to God’s word” and return the U.S. “back to a spiritual revival,” Joe Gibbs, former head coach for the Washington Redskins and NASCAR race car owner, told the Republican National Convention Thursday." (Foxnews)

Where, oh where do I begin?

1. It is rather presumptuous to assert that this ticket is a "return to God's word"--where's the evidence?
2. It is even worse to assert that voting for these two would bring a spiritual revival!
3. What has America come to??

We wouldn't know a revival if it bit us in the butt! Frankly, we don't even know our way to heaven! Recall how 57% of Evangelicals think there are other ways to heaven than Christ. That only 3-6% of Evangelicals have a Christian worldview.

Hopefully, this poor fellow is just too exubrent to think straight.
Prayerfully, there are more discerning Republicans who caught this error.



Sarah M. said...

Agreed. Wonder if the "poor fellow" realized how spectacularly absurd his statement was. Do notify me when that nationwide revival begins on November 4.
BTW: a small typo, exuberant, not exubrent.

Sarah M. said...
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