Friday, October 19, 2007

Celebrating October Holy-Days

Rocktober I get: the Rockies are stomping the competition.

Holloween makes sense from a pagan perspective.

Oktober Fest I can understand as well. It’s a cultural celebration; it has morphed into an America community get-together.

Harvest Festivals of rural yesteryear hijacked into Evangelical mega-church revival meetings, I can comprehend.

But for a LUTHERAN CHURCH to celebrate Oktober Fest?!?

It’s true: I drove by such a church with a banner inviting the neighborhood to such an event. That I don’t get!

Wouldn’t they celebrate REFORMATION DAY?!?

Remember?…Luther?….95 Theses?

That transformation of Western Civilization from the Medieval Ages into the era of capitalism, democracy and religious freedom?

How quickly I forget: American Evangelicals have collective amnesia. Or rather many practice historical hubris: the past is irrelevant, the now is superior.

Well, I for one will shout from the roof-tops the glories of the sovereign grace of God Almighty, preaching in the shadows of our great spiritual leaders—Luther, Knox, Calvin—who gave their livelihood, sweat and tears for the propagation of Christ’s sweet mercies and awesome judgments.

In contrast, a vast host of well-meaning Christians will pass through October 31 in blissful ignorance, repeating the errors of old Israel: “my power and the might of my hand have gained me this wealth”—material, political, economical, and spiritual (Deut. 8:17).

When we do not properly honor our spiritual fathers, we violate the Fifth Commandment. When we imitate their worse instead of their best, we violate the Fifth Commandment.

Reformation Day is soon arriving. It is not a holy-day as the pagans celebrate or the Roman Catholics worship. But it is a time, like Purim of old, to celebrate our deliverance from spiritual death—to recall our fathers’ sacrifices and our own commitments.

What is Reformation Day?

Dear reader, read on!

October Revolution!

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