Thursday, May 31, 2007

Interesting Info

I receive The Week. It is a digest of multiple news sources covering politics to the arts. It is the Reader Digest of the Newspaper and Magazines.

Here is some interesting news from the latest issue (June 1, 2007):

Life-Isn't-Fair Mentality Kills: Those with this sinful attitude are "55 percent more likely to have a heart attack in the next decade."

Gas Price Gouging...By the Government: The typical gas company earns 13 cents/gallons...the government takes 18.4 cents...

Polls May Be Useful: 13% of American Muslims believe that in some circumstances suicide bombing of civilians to defend Islam is justified; 5% expressed a favorable opinion of al Qaida; 27% had "no opinion" of them (Pew Research Center).

In other news:

In Case of Emergency: The Government will survive. You might not. (Presidential Directive, NSPD-51/HSPD-20).

Dry Terror Run: Terrorist test America's ability to respond to threats.

Sadly, after (and before) 911, the American governments (local, state or national) have made very little (zero?) effort to teach (or at least recommend) ways to protect ourselves. Thus, we must (like in days of old) teach ourselves and one another how to survive a broken car, a blizzard or a terrorist attack. That means foodstuff reserves, batteries, flashlights....and even the use of a gun. All of which should be standard in any major event.

But that is for another post.


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