Monday, February 19, 2007

Germany Vacation 5: Deutches Museum

Astounding. Amazing. Awesome.

Well, at least for an ex-engineer. This is the world's largest technology museum: generators, automobiles, ships, bridges, airplanes, clocks, musical instruments, cryptography & computers....just to name a few!

The aerospace section was my favorite:

The time-piece room was spectacular--who would have imagined that clocks could be so colorful!

Only a tech-geek could find 50-year computer technology worthy of a blog notice!

I took a video of my wife using some of the electronic demonstrations...even for a non-techy like her, she thought they were amazing. I had an opportunity to recall all my college training, explaining to her Maxwell's equations and demonstrating the functions of XOR and NOR gates.

The fluid dynamics and construction section included many miniatures, showing how the old bridges were constructed. The detail was incredible.

I thank the Lord of Love for blessing my wife and me with such a vacation!

I hope you enjoyed the pix!


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