Sunday, February 18, 2007

Germany Vacation 4: Salzburg

The city of salt. Yup, that's what the name means. That is why it was such an important city in the middle ages (1100s) into the early 1800s. The city castle (hohensalzburg) sat upon the hill, a silent sentinel never to be conquered. It finally surrendered, without a fight, to Napoleon.

Here is the castle viewed from the palace grounds in the city.

This is what we had to climb to enter the castle!
The castle was amazing, even more so in some ways than neaushwanstein if only because this was actually used.

Here is the view from the top:

Proof I was truly in Austria!

Pictures from within the amazing castle:

Here are a few gnarly trees:

This is the inside waiting room for the royalty; note the studded ceiling!

It was virtually a small city:


Anonymous said...

So I was browsing your tags sidebar, and happened upon "vacation." I have devised a title for a photo album/timeline:

"There and Back Again: Pastor Mathis' Facial Hair Tale."

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