Friday, February 16, 2007

Germany Vacation 2: Neauschwanstein

That big German word is the name of the famous Cinderella castle, meaning "new-swan-stone"--the primary artistic motif inside the castle.

Now, before you get all excited, I do not have inside pix--they are forbidden.

Here are more awe-inspiring pix!
We walked up the mountain path--about 20 minutes at a good speed. But with such a view who wouldn't want to walk!
It was a beautiful day!!

This is the back end.

The front gate:

It's immensity was staggering! This is on the way up. The right side is what most people see; the left side is the gate.

We also visited the smaller castle down the hill/mountain were prince/king Ludwig grew up, Hohenschwangau.

This castle was beautiful as well, although smaller. As an American, I think any castle is amazing!

It was about a ten minute uphill climb to the top. This is why rich people owned horses...

The view was breath-taking!

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