Friday, February 16, 2007

Germany Vacation 1

I did not forget!

Here for family and friends are the exciting pictures of Munich, Augsburg & Salzburg.


You gotta drive in style on the autobahn! (Sorry, it was the company rental...)

It's the Audi TT
She moved so fast in that baby that is was all a blur...

This is where we stayed a few nights.

Here is the famous glockenspeil at Merianplatz, downtown Munchin.

It is a wonderful city to visit, strolling pleasantly around the quaint buildings. We were blessed of God to be able to even afford travel (just myself, Jody's company paid for her part!).

More to come: Augburg (the place of Luther); Salzburg (the place of Mozart); Neauschwanstein!

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