Thursday, June 22, 2006

OPC GA: Meanderings of a Tired Presbyter

Well, by God's mercy, here I am in south Chicago as a commissioner of the General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

For some info on this days events, see White Noise.

For my part: the advisory committee that takes up any issues from the denomination committee (Home Missions) is finished (or should be as the final papers are being read).

Thus, I was able to enjoy fellowship the remainder of the afternoon until supper. We enjoyed the hospitality of the kitchen staff at Trinity which served us a plethera of various and sundry "tastes of chicago": mexican, polish, italian, etc.

Being myself--to whit, not too creative with my palate--i stuck with the italian (although I do like mexican): the chicago-style pizza was good. The cheesecake was better!

Now, being a semi-native Coloradoan, I'm not really into humidity. And it's humid here. Nevertheless, I do appreciate the greenery.
But I especially appreciate the fellow brothers in the Lord willing to take time out to accomplish His kingdom-work. I get to meet those far away, hearing their exciting work in our small part of the body of Christ (someone commented on the OPC being the "pinky").

We are small indeed, as the world counts, but as I have seen these last four GA, we large in our passion to follow the Word of Christ, no matter where it takes us. Even if it means being "small".

I pray we continue down this path by the Spirit's power. And that many would come to the Lord.


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