Tuesday, June 27, 2006

OPC GA: Justification Issue

Saturday and Tuesday the GA passed the following summarized recommendations:

1. That the presbyteries include similar topics listed below in the examination of candidates:
Nature of the Bible
Covenant of Works
Covenant of Grace
Definition of righteousness with respect to justification
Nature of union with Christ
Definition of faith
Difference between faith and works
Definition of justification
Instrument of justification
Ground of justification
Imputed active and passive obedience of Christ
Distinction between justification and sanctification
Nature of the sacraments as signs and seals

2. "That the General Assembly recommend that presbyteries, sessions, and pastors be proactive..." in addressing such teaching like New Perspectives on Paul, Federal Vision and like teachings that "compromise the purity of the gospel."

3. That the Committee on Christian Education:
a) distribute the report to seminaries in contact with OPC
b) post on the OPC website
c) consider publication of the report
"thereby [given the above] commending the report for study."
d) that the Committee write a prefatory statement to explain:
the context surrounding the report, including last GA's resolution
the explanation of what commending a report means.
e) and to seek article critiquing said views in the New Horizons.

4. That the Stated Clerk send the report with the prefatory statement to sister churches.

Thus, the 73rd GA of the OPC commends the Report of the Committee To Study the Doctrine of Justification for study.

In light of the recommendation to proactively address these issue, Providence OPC has already brought the issue to the fore through the last two Spring Conferences informing people of NPP and FV. Further articles will be posted on that church website.

This is a serious issue. Illuminating information about this important issue, especially Federal Vision, will be forthcoming. What it all means is that the GA commends this report on Federal Vision to the presbyteries and to help the presbyteries focus their ministerial exams on the proper questions dealing with the significance of justification by faith. The committee was called to "critique" these view and they have.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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