Saturday, April 22, 2006

Will Earth Day Listen to Moore?

Recently, an astounding article in the Washington Post passed under the perceptive radar of the likes of 60 Minutes and the alphabet soup news-groups:

Patrick Moore, the founder of Greenpeace, the very one who equated nuclear energy with "nuclear holocaust," and defended every green-piece of legislation, has declared that

Nuclear power "just may be the energy source that can save our planet..."

Given the safety of such power plants, their cheap energy and lack of direct impact upon the environment, combined with the pollution of current fuel sources (think coal!), this plethora of data convinced Moore to see the light.


[The Week, April 28, 2006, p. 14]


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James Aach said...

It was interesting that while the blogosphere has been ablaze with commentary about Dr. Moore's editorial, the national news media (TV and Print) have had little to say.

FYI: In the linked article above, Dr. Moore mentions other environmentalists who’ve called for a second look at nuclear power, including Stewart Brand, founder of The Whole Earth Catalog. Mr. Brand has also recently endorsed my techno-thriller novel about the inside world of nuclear power, “Rad Decision”. This book is available online at no cost to readers – who seem to like it, judging from the comments they’re leaving on the home page. “Rad Decision” is written as an “airport paperback” and is a great way to learn about the good and bad of this energy source. (There’s plenty of both.) It’s based on my two decades in the US nuclear industry.