Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter, Mel's Passion, & Confused Churches

It is quite bizzare, given that Evangelical are not Roman Catholic, that many churches celebrate Easter. It becomes a special day with special services and special speakers. All this in spite of their disavowed belief in special days, such as the Christian Sabbath!

Of course, to add injury to insult, many of these churches, besides watering their sermons down and shrink the preaching time, play that movie-worth-a-thousand-sermons, The Passion. The eye-gate trumps the foolishness of preaching!

Here are some quotes about the movie, putting my critique of churches into perspective.
The importance of the Word, especially preached is summarized here: The Passion for the Word.

The paper is certainly a minority report these days, but in the past Christians agreed. I pray that preaching will be important again.


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H. C. said...

hear, here

sadly, the only "Evangelical" blog I read this weekend that wasn't relishing the special day.