Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Short Review 7: Wisdom for Christians

Wisdom for Christian Living, Matthew Henry

This condensed work of the ever-popular Matthew Henry is comprised of twelve topics for devotion culled from his works. The booklet includes relevant issues including faith, prayer, Bible study, devotion and commitment, intimacy with God, worship, relationships, the fruits of the Spirit, Christian duty, spiritual warfare, the Great Commission, and the expectant return of Christ. Each of these topics includes several sub-topics that flush out the various implications of the verse under examination. It is easy to read yet full of godly wisdom. Each devotion is centered on a verse and covers a single page.

Although this work is “lightly edited,” is still retains the flavor of Henry. His style is fluid, enjoyable and practical. He always has the layman in mind and consistently centers on Christ and the Gospel. Matthew’s godliness and vast knowledge of the Word jumps out on every page, bringing wisdom from the old paths.

It is always good to have faithful and encouraging devotional. It can easily be used for personal or family worship. This particular work may be small but it is useful for those desiring a Reformed devotional to reinforce the practical and doctrinal truths of the Bible.

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