Thursday, January 05, 2006

Rose Bowl, Texans & Geeks

I'm a recovering Geek.
I've got a B.S. in Electrical Engineering (E.E.).
I read about: computers, math, philosophy and religion.
I use computers and play computer games.

In spite of this, I even watch sports.
I watched that most excellent Rose Bowl game last night. Very nice. I especially liked last minute plays like the one Young pulled off.

Just like Elway.

I was not always like this. The change began in the military. The dayroom, that is. All the single guys lived in a dorm with a tv room at the end of the hall.

Naturally, on Saturdays the room was taken over by sports fanatics. Since all my friends were there and there was nowhere to go in the panhandle of Florida (no, really!), I learned to watch--and enjoy--a good football game.

However, on the flip-side as a Coloradoan I have a natural (?) antipathy to anything Texan (nothing personal :-). But, since I was not always a faithful follower of football, I tended to support the underdog.

And that was Texas.

Besides, Coloradoans dislike Californians much more than Texans :-)

I'm still a Geek (hence, the blog!), but I like to think I'm breaking down sterotypes with my enjoyment of football (and hockey).

Well, enjoy your day while I get back to my computer homework, philosophy books and Quake IV.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Matthew,

I was watching the game...but decided I was too tired to stay up. After I heard about the score, I wished I had stayed up however. I hope you are well. We are getting by. Do you know much about PDA's? I got one this Christmas and have been enjoying it so far...I'm hoping I will become better organized--we'll see. Best regards.

Randy (I'm going to comment on the John Knox post too. Randy