Sunday, January 22, 2006

Orange is the Color of...

Well, oranges.
But more to the point: it represents Bronco power in Denver and Reformational power in Holland.

In the former case, it is claimed that since the sunset is orange (at least out in the Rockies) God must be in favor of the Broncos.
In the latter case, it represents the liberator, William of Orange, who helped create Protestant Holland in the 1500s.

In the former case, orange is the color of the helmet-god whose oblong. leather scepter dominates the fall ESPN schedule, commanding obedience from its followers with weekly religious fervor.
In the latter case, orange is a symbol of religious freedom and Protestant belief, commanding respect and life-and-blood-giving commitment.

Such religious commitment--in both cases--expresses the heart-felt conviction of those in each following. If this simple concept is accepted, then it is readily apparant where the heart of many hundreds of thousands (millions?) of fanatical, fundamentalist football fans resides: not in the God of Christianity but in the god of sports.

The proof is in the orange pudding:
People spend money on what is important (real or imagined); many spend money on sports (lots and I have to tell you the price of a hot dog at a game?), therefore that is important for them.
People spend time on what is important: many spend time on sports (lots and get the idea), therefore it is important to them.

However, hobbies and entertainment are Biblically acceptable. So, money and time are not the most perfect indicators (but fairly reliable!). It is when conflict ensues--between God's law and man's desire--that the true colors bloom forth.

Thus, when God says tithe to me, fans will tithe to football.
Thus, when God says take time for me, fans will take time for
Thus, when God says prioritize your life around me, fans will prioritize around their other god.

People will offer themselves to Saturday sports-saturation such that they are exhausted on God's Sabbath. Others will show their true colors by completely missing public worship and spending money on the local game. Still others will sacrifice family worship, bible studies, and catechism for their kids, but they will not miss that oh-so-important Monday Night Game, Saturday practice or Sunday kick-off.

Yesterday, the Broncos lost. Good.
I like a good football game. But not on the Lord's Day. It is not Football Day, but God's Day. It has been so since the beginning of this creation (Heb. 4:1ff.).

Yesterday, the Bronco fans bled orange for their god by dishonoring God's Rest.
Yesterday, true Protestant fans bled orange for their God by honoring that Rest.

Orange is the color of...dedicated Protestants and their spilt blood in years past.

Orange is the color of...your religious fervor.

Orange is the color of...offerings, sacrifices and a life dedicated to our Covenant God.


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