Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Gutsy Scotsman

John Knox will be forever associated with courage.

After the Scottish parliment outlawed the mass (in Mary's absence), the Queen of Scots tried to assert her authority by violating this law. She would travel around the countryside with some priests,administering the mass. She would then continue her travels but then leave a priest behind, enacting the mass without her, tempting the public to join in.

This did not bode well.

In response, Knox rebuffed Mary, Queen of Scots [c. 1560]:

“ye are bound to keep laws unto your subjects; ye crave of them service; they crave of you protection and defense against wicked doers; now, madam, if ye shall deny your duty unto them, think ye to receive full obedience of them? I fear, madam, ye shall not!”
[Professor Godfrey's history class]

Such an attitude clearly predates the supposed "father" of American democracy, John Locke!
Oh, that the Spirit would protect us from tyrants.


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Anonymous said...


I have a sermon tape by a Free Presbyterian pastor Cairns...from Greenville, on the life...ministry of John Knox. He makes the case that the whole of Protestant Christendom owes alot...even it's continued existence to God's raising up the likes of John Knox. You probably know all about this...but I was impressed. If you're interested, I can send you the cassette and you can listen to it. It's a pretty great tape/sermon. Randy