Saturday, December 17, 2005

"To H*** with 'Holidays'..."

"To H*** with 'Holidays' Put CHRIST back in Christmas"

Need I say more?

A church in Florida started a Boycott of stores using the word 'holiday' (petition here) . Of course, it made the ten o'clock news not because of the boycott itself (there are plenty of those to go around), nor for the desire to have Christ back in "Christmas" (that's an old theme) but because of the banner itself: it expresses an anger and rage that, I think, many in the Pagan world find interesting.

Now, I grant that debate over words can indicate a larger issue: in this case the "culture war". But what exactly is the "culture war"? Many see it as the de-Christianization of America.

Rather it should be seen as the death-throws of American Christianity. Since culture merely expresses religion and that the laws of the land reflect the commitment of the populace, it should be abundantly clear that significant Christian influence has passed away. (think: abortion, political correctness, watergate, Desperate Housewives, etc.).

The irony in all this is the fact that as the churches have been a waging a frontal attack upon the the Pagan culture, their rear-guard has been left open. Theological abberations of all sorts fourish with her bosom.

Perusing that Florida church website reveals several (obvious) such doctrinal errors & oddities:

--Pastors Randy & Paula White
--"Without Walls International Church strongly believes that God has the power to restore individuals to their fullest potential."
--"...he [pastor White] prayed in unknown tongues, taking dominion over the strip clubs and other establishments associated with the 'adult entertainment' and pornography strongholds in the city. "

Doctrine and practice are appalling in many churches: doctrinal ignorance is lauded as wisdom; immature action is praised as "innovative". Churches close on christmas, curse in worship and charge admission for counseling.

Even unbelievers question the lack of focus from American church--they see us as defending petty issues. (see: "Its the most wonderful time of the year").

Doctrine and practice must be wed. The real "culture war" is within the American churches themselves.

May our sovereign Lord protect us from ourselves.

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Johannes Weslianus said...

My brother told me that my Dad was quite upset about the fact that people are not saying "Christmas." He asked me what I thought about it.

My reply was quite similar to yours. Of course, it bothers me anytime that the Holy Trinity is not honored, but the issue of Christmas is just one in example of a thousand in which our culture seeks to remove Christ from all of life. On the other side, how much honor are those who say "Merry Christmas" really trying to show to the Holy Trinity anyway? Along the same line, if most of our culture ignores Christ, what does it matter if they say "Merry Christmas"? Does that somehow change the reality that most Americans live as practical atheists?