Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Sky Is Falling...

California is concerned that potato chips and fries may contain acrylamide—a possible cancer agent. So, since the government is always looking out for slow-witted and uninformed citizenry, California is asking the courts to compel the fast-food and chips industry to warn the average 7th-grade-reading-level American, who always strives to study such small font, of such a feasible existence of such an impending danger.

Of course, I would certainly like to know if my food will cause cancer, or if my snacks carry dangers that threaten my immediate existence.

On the other hand, I’m not in favor of Chicken Little. As the issue now stands, the government of California—in its humanistic desire to be as God, protecting the sparrow that falls to the ground—is trying hard to head off a possible agent that may or may not lead to cancer.

In other words, it does not necessarily cause cancer, even if the agent exists in the first place.

But, then one can never be too sure when it comes to preserving life from any conceivable danger…no matter how remote the possibility.

Don’t worry, Chicken Little will be there, making sure the sparrow’s house is moved to a safer neighborhood.



Johannes Weslianus said...

When are you going to post something about theology?

polymathis said...

Why does everyone pick on me?