Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Three Strikes & You're Out

Recently, I was reminded by Sean Hanitty that 7 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices were picked by Republicans.

Think of the implications of that statistic!

There are many possibilities for this poor record: "stealth" nominees (the views are concealed); misrepresentation; even changed of views by the Justices themselves.

However, to cut the fat and move straight to the quick: where these past nominees ever asked by those who nominated them the crucial questions? It is possible that all those Justices (such as O'Conner) who were chosen by the Republicans lied, but more than likely those who chose them were of a similar mind.

In other words, those Republicans (and those who supported the decisions) are not as conservative as many Christians would like to believe. Their nominees reflect what, at the least, they would accept as politically viable.

With such a track record in business, the leadership would be fired; with such a track record in sports, the managment would be retired.

Trick me once, shame on you; trick me twice, shame on me; trick me thrice...well, three strikes and you're out!



james3v1 said...

Good post, but didn't you learn "no grammer" in "colleg?" Or "Semetary?"

I'll put it in an equation for your engineering, systematic theological mind. :)

your <> you're

::big grin::

polymathis said...

I'd blame my computer or even my wife (who is the English Expert), but I must put the blame squarly on my misguided and misinformed creative muse.

james3v1 said...

You funny. But in fixing one, did you think maybe about fixing the more obvious (but same) error in the blog post title? Or are you leaving that one there to stir up fond memories of your (possessive pronoun) ignorance or is it because you're (contraction for 'you are') lazy?

I appreciate the appropos accolade to my poor sense of humor in the next post.

polymathis said...

Error, what error?