Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Thank You Lord for America

In spite of the faults, foibles and sins besetting America, I am truly thankful for my covenant-keeping God for this nation.
Here, I can obtain material wealth unheard of in vast portions of the world: indoor-plumbing, housing, cars, phones and computers are only the tip of the iceburg.
Here, I can obtain political wealth beyond the wildest imaginations of many: voting rights at national, state, county and local levels; freedom of assembly; freedom of petition; freedom to bear arms.
Here, I have obtained spritual wealth that can turn this world upside-down: the vast spiritual treasures of the past are at our fingertips if we would but use them. Our heritage is Christian, especially Reformed, and we are living on that borrowed capital.

All of this is from the Lord, for every good gift is from above.

Thank you Lord for America.



Anonymous said...

Well hello Shawn,

I put your blog in my favorites quite a while ago and have just spent some time reading your thoughts. I think you're right (at least about most things). :)

I think the vision you exhibit in this July 5 post:

"Here, I have obtained spritual wealth that can turn this world upside-down:

If we really believe Matthew 28:18ff, can we approach the world and our ministries without confidence and expectation?

How about what's on my mind? I don't think there's a country, culture, or people that are more firmly in Satan's grip, than the country of Japan. Why should that be? Is God unable to affect a reformation there? Is his arm too short that it does not reach there? Is he not able to raise up a Martin Luther or a John Calvin for those people? You see, I just don't think it's right. If the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church, they why should that culture??????

Oh well, I better be going.

polymathis said...

Thank you for reading my posts--I really do appreciate it!

Indeed, the gates of hell shall not stand againt the Church of Christ! But we need patience--even now, only less than 1% of Japan is (nominally) Christian, but God is not defeated. He plans all, even the wicked for the day of destruction.

Thanking God for America includes the financial wealth that we should use wisely for not only our family inheritance, but for the local church and the Kingdom of God abroad. So, I pray for more wealth--if only it (whether financial or spiritual) be used for the expansion of the Kingdom and that includes foreign missions.

Don't discourage--be patient in the Lord's will and do what you can do in your part of the Kingdom.