Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Stop Pick'n On Me!

Someone in the previous post just ridiculed my engineering background. As a proud graduate of Colorado University, this swipe at the grammatical and linguistic level of engineers is an affront to all said hard working professionals. It expresses a narrow-mindedness that borders on fanaticism. It expresses a prejudice rooted in a Western-dominated Capitalistic worldview that suppresses all that it cannot understand.

On the other hand, it sure was funny!

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james3v1 said...

Wow. All that from one slam?

What can you do with my handwriting? Does it change your analysis is I was using a Dvorjak keyboard? (I wasn't btw).

I certainly wan't trying to affront all hard working engineers, just give you an easy equation to help solve the misguided confusion of possessive pronouns with contractions.

I am, however, narrow minded in a fanatical way, but my Calvinistic view of the sacraments being a true means of grace cannot be contrived to say it "supresses all that it cannot understand." Mystical union and real presence come on--give it to me every week. :0)